About FireSafe Montana

FireSafe Montana is a private, non-profit organization coordinating and supporting a statewide coalition of diverse interests working together to help Montanans make their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe.

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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

– Remember that fireworks are prohibited on all state and federal lands.
– You are responsible for the suppression costs and property damage of any fire you start.

– HOT weather is forecasted. Grasses will dry quickly increasing the potential for a fire to spread rapidly if ignited.
– Wildfire season is here. Please be “Fire Smart” and do your part to prevent wildfires.




If you have further questions regarding fireworks, please call your local Fire Department or Montana DNRC at (406) 542-4251

The 3rd Annual Kootenai Wildland Firefighter Challenge & FireSafe Expo Is Huge Success

On June 6, 2015, the 3rd Annual Kootenai Wildland Firefighter Challenge & FireSafe Expo was held in Libby, MT and offered a full day of friendly competition among wildland firefighters, ‘firewise’ demonstrations, food, auction, and dancing.  The hugely successful event raised $12,245.88 for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and was attended by more than 283 people.  Congratulations to everyone involved with this amazing event.  Please see photos below for a sampling of activities.

KC 1Attendees took in a variety of  ‘firesafe’ booths and exhibits, as well as wildfire firefighter competitions and equipment.


KC 3The left side of this demonstration home shows what a ‘firewised’ home looks like while the right side shows common risks associated with homes that have not been ‘firewised’, including wood piled next to the home and debris in the gutters.



FEC electrocuting a hot dogIf you’re trapped in a car under a fallen power line, don’t be a’ hot dog’.  This demonstration shows why.


KC 4The ‘weighted’ hose drag demonstrates the strength and stamina required of the wildland firefighter.

kc 5‘Wrapping things up’.  This is harder than it looks.

kc 10The ‘Yaak Attackers’ take home the ‘Golden Pulaski’ in the 2015 Kootenai Wildland Firefighters Challenge.  Well done Yaakattackers!!!

kc 11DNRC shows how it’s done from the air.



The Fire Tower Coffee Fundraiser

Support FireSafe Montana and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Purchase Fire Tower coffee through FireSafe Montana:

Ground or Whole Bean “Guardian Blend” for $12.99 per bag


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“Fire On The Landscape” Lecture Series (June 10 & 11)To Be ‘live streamed’

A two day lecture series called “Fire On The Landscape” will be held in Helena at ‘Montana Wild’ on June 10 & 11 from 6:00-8:30 PM.  FireSafe Montana Chair, Pat McKelvey, in describing the series to the media said that “These are some top notch people coming in.”  Well known experts will speak on a variety of topics related to the effects that wildfires have on the landscape.  Speakers include:

(1)  Bruce Sims, a recently retired regional hydrologist and Regional Burned Area Emergency Response coordinator will speak about potential post-fire impacts on various landscapes, particularly watersheds.

(2)  Mark Finney, a research forester for the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory will talk about the science behind fire behavior and its effects on various landscapes.

(3)  Jack Cohen is a research physical scientist for the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory will speak about the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), and how homes ignite during large wildfires.

(4)  Dana Hicks, Fire Management Specialist at British Columbia Public Service will talk about the impact that the mountain pine beetle infestation has had on wildfires in Canada.

(5)  Brett Lacey, Fire Marshal for Colorado Springs, Colorado will speak about communities at risk and his experience with evacuations during the Waldo Canyon fire in 2012 and the Black Forest Fire in 2013.

Please Note:  This is an amazing group of well recognized fire experts talking about a wide variety of topics of great interest to fire fighting professionals, and WUI home owners, alike.  It is well worth taking in this lecture series.

For those who are unable to attend the lectures in person, they will be live-streamed at helenair.com.

Fire on the Landscape

Save the dates, June 10th and 11th, for two back-to-back evening presentations that focus on fire on the landscape and in your backyard! Together, the Helena National Forest, Montana Discovery Foundation, City of Helena Fire Department and Tri-County Fire Safe Working Group are bringing in special guests to talk about fire behavior and management, impacts of large wildfires to local watersheds, fire mitigation and prevention, and incident response and evacuations. For more information click here: Fire on the Landscape News Release