FireSafe Montana

About FireSafe Montana

FireSafe Montana is a private, non-profit organization coordinating and supporting a statewide coalition of diverse interests working together to help Montanans make their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe.

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North Fork ‘Firewise’ Day

North Fork 'Firewise' Day July 16, 2014

North Fork ‘Firewise’ Day July 16, 2014

The eleventh annual North Fork Landowners Association meeting and ‘Firewise’ Day held on July 16, 2014 was another very well attended and highly successful event this year.  The meeting was held at the Sondreson Community Hall.  North Fork property owners (above) listen to a speaker discuss the importance of being a ‘firewise’ community.  To learn more about the North Fork ‘firewise’ community, please click here.

Quick Tips to Keep your Home and Family Ready for Wildfire this Summer

Fire Season Tips

Fourth of July Weekend- Get Ready for Fire Season!


fireworksTake the opportunity this 4th of July weekend to talk with your friends and family about the importance of getting ready for the fire season, discuss the importance of getting a grab and go bag ready as well as an evacuation plan put together.   You can even make it a fun relay game for the kids! (i.e. who can put the kit together the quickest!).

Also remember if you are camping please be sure your campfire is out cold to the touch!


A Week of Remembrance: Granite Mountain 19

City of Arizona Hot Shots

Photo by Wade Ward/Prescott Firefighter

June 30th marks the one year anniversary of what is perhaps the most tragic single loss of firefighters in US history, when 19 of 20 ‘Granite Mountain Hotshots’ were killed at Yarnell Hill, Arizona.

We invite everyone to consider taking some time today for a ‘moment of silence’ to remember these firefighters, and their families.  This terrible tragedy really puts what we’re all doing into proper perspective, and reinforces our unshakeable commitment to do everything humanely possible to see that something like this doesn’t happen in Montana.

This is also a good day to express our thanks to the firefighting community for everything firefighters do to protect our communities.  Thank you all, and please stay safe!

- Mike Frost, FireSafe MT Board Member and Whitefish Area FireSafe Council.


Can We Prepare and Live with Wildland Fire- Thomas Zimmerman

Can We Prepare and Live with Wildland Fire?

Wildland fire management has been an indispensable element of natural resource management.  But, in today’s changing environment, it has become firmly intertwined in the mix of social, ecological, and management requirements and needs.  Click here to read more »