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Fall Newsletter 2013

Check out our Fall 2013 Newsletter.

***Immediate Release***

This Wednesday, 10.23.12 at 7pm tune your radio to your local Montana Public Radio station.  Host Sally Mauk  will facilitate a panel discussion with five of our esteemed Enough is Enough authors: Dr. Stephen Arno, Bob Mutch, Carol Daily, Sonny Stiger, and Patrick McKelvey.  Sally will engage them in a fascinating discussion about the meaning of Sharing the Responsibility in the Wildland Urban Interface, why we continue to face ever growing challenges in managing wildland urban interface fires, and the speakers gravest fear for the future of the WUI.

Please tune in on your local MTPR station or go to MTPR.ORG to listen online.  Discussion also be archived on MTPR.ORG.


Enough is Enough: Trying Fires by Stephen Pyne

Trying Fires by Stephen Pyne:  Fire Historian and Professor at Arizona State University.

In America’s western wildlands three strategies of fire management presently compete.  One is regressive, one proactive, and one reactive.  All are in play, and the odds favoring each are roughly equal. Click here to read more »


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Enough is Enough: Just Leave the Line

This editorial was written in support of FireSafe Montana’s Enough is Enough Campaign.

FireSafe Montana’s Enough is Enough campaign is an effort to provoke discussion around the issues surrounding wildland fire and the urban interface. Please check out  for other articles by guest authors.  Comments and suggestions can be made below each article.  Click here for downloadable document.

Just Leave the Line

By Robert Mutch: Chair, Painted Rocks-West Fork FireSafe Council

On the Dude Fire in Arizona, 1990, 6 firefighters died in their fire shelters while trying to save homes.

On the Esperanza Fire in California, 2006, 5 Forest Service firefighters from Engine 57 died while trying to save the unoccupied Octagon House.

On the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona, 2013, 19 firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshots died in or near their fire shelters while trying to save homes. Click here to read more »