The Possible Adoption of the WUI Code: What does that actually mean for Montana?

“Montana fire organizations and agencies are dedicated to the vital role of public education and awareness programs to address the escalating wildland fire situation. Becoming informed on what the adoption of a WUI code could have on WUI fire mitigation is critical and strategically complements the existing WUI fire prevention programs. It is never too early to start addressing solutions to a situation that only continues to put human lives at risk and comes with a hefty price tag.”  (Bruce Suenram, MT DNRC)

  • “Rural homes must be more fireproof, study finds” article written by Brett French and published in the Billings Gazette on 12/17/13

  • Guidelines for Development within the Wildland-Urban Interface, required by MCA  76-13-104(8) to be developed by the MT DNRC, 2009

  • Construction Techniques, Administrative Rules of Montana, Title 24. Labor and Industry, Chapter 321. Wildland Urban Interface Fire Mitigation, 2012

  • International Wildland-Urban Interface Code, International Code Council, 2012

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