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Remembering The 'Granite Mountain 19'

July 1, 2014

June 30th marks the three year anniversary of what is perhaps the most tragic single loss of firefighters in US history, when 19 of 20 ‘Granite Mountain Hotshots’ were killed at Yarnell Hill, Arizona.


Can We Prepare and Live with Wildland Fire - Thomas Zimmerman

June 18, 2014

Wildland fire management has been an indispensable element of natural resource management. But, in today’s changing environment, it has become firmly intertwined in the mix of social, ecological, and management requirements and needs.


Firewise Landscaping, planning NOW for the 2014 fire season

April 3, 2014

While most homeowners are aware of planning for fire prevention when building or purchasing a home, there is another important aspect that should be considered. This is the outside landscaping.


Montana Disaster and Emergency Services voted to support FireSafe Montana Movement to support firefighter safety

March 5, 2014

Monday evening the Montana Disaster & Emergency Services Coordinators Association voted to support the FireSafe Montana movement directed at firefighter safety.


Enough is Enough: Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Protects Forest Values

January 22, 2014

Reducing fire intensity near homes and designated roadside evacuation routes during a wildfire gives firefighters a better chance at putting the fire out in a prompt and safe manner. It also provides citizens and firefighters with safe escape routes.


Lewis and Clark County Resolution Raises Discussion...

January 2, 2014

Here is the latest article on the discussion of the County Resolution passed by Lewis and Clark County published in the Helena Independent. Please check it out


Stephen Pyne’s Enough is Enough Editorial: Facing the Flames

November 30, 2013

FireSafe Montana’s Enough is Enough campaign is an effort to provoke discussion around the issues surrounding wildland fire and the urban interface.


How likely is your home to burn in wildfire? New scale rates the risk

November 18, 2013

As winter’s snowflakes start falling on the scorched hillsides above Lolo Creek, researchers around the nation are pondering how they might prevent the kinds of disaster that burned five homes there last August.


Enough is Enough: Situational Assessment at the Policy Level: Adapting to a New Reality

October 2, 2013

Not since the turn of the last century have wildfires been worse in much of the West. In an era when firefighting budgets cannot seem to keep up, it is incomprehensible and contradictory that wildfires of this magnitude are occurring with such frequency.


Enough is Enough: Living in Fire Dependent Ecosystems

October 2, 2013

We surveyed a diverse array of several hundred forests and found that about 90 percent of them showed clear evidence of burning in the distant past, before the policy of fire suppression was implemented in the early 1900s.


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